The purpose of The Heart Center of North Texas pacemaker clinic is to evaluate and manage patients following the implantation of cardiac pacemakers and automatic internal cardioverter defibrillator systems.

Enrollment in The Heart Center of North Texas Pacemaker Clinic follows the implantation of a pacemaker or ICD.  Patients are scheduled for their Pacemaker Clinic follow-ups on a periodic basis based on their needs first and foremost, the age and type of pacing device and the cardiologist’s recommendations.

During a visit to the Pacemaker Clinic patients are seen by a “pacemaker representative” who reviews current symptoms such as sudden dizzy spells, lightheadedness, and fatigue.  The device insertion site is also checked.  Using a device, the pacemaker representative will interrogate or "read" information from the pacemaker to check pacemaker battery life, function and make any adjustments needed.  An inter-cardiac electrogram, much like an EKG, is printed by the device to record pacemaker function.  If the patient’s pacemaker battery needs to be changed or your pacemaker does not function properly, we can detect it before a serious problem develops. 

Patients and their families are also educated in the Clinic by the pacemaker representatives on all aspects of pacing including: types and functions of pacemakers, short-term disability and lifestyle adjustments that might be required, follow-up procedures and requirements and instructions for contacting nursing and physician staff if any concerns about pacemaker functions arise.

By identifying problems in advance, the medical staff at The Heart Center of North Texas Pacemaker Clinic is able to maximize pacemaker functioning. For example, patients who receive timely evaluations may find that they can prolong pacemaker life, anticipate and plan for their replacements when appropriate, and even identify changes in heart rhythms which necessitate pacemaker reprogramming.

The Heart Center of North Texas Pacemaker Clinic is open in our Denton clinic on the last Friday of the month, and in our Gainesville clinic on the last Wednesday of the month.  Clinic visits are by appointment only.  Please call (940) 566-2358 to schedule an appointment.


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