Other Names: BioZ, ICG test, hemodynamic test

Description/Test Basics/Reasons for the test: Noninvasive BioZ® utilizes Impedance Cardiography (ICG) to quickly provide hemodynamic information and is clinically proven to assist in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy for our patients with heart failure, high blood pressure and lung disease, or have a pacemaker or are on any cardiac drugs. An impedance cardiography (ICG) test measures the mechanical function of the heart- the ability of your heart to pump blood throughout your body, the amount of fluid in your chest and the amount of resistance your heart has to pump against with each heartbeat.

Test preparation/pre-test guidelines: There are no special preparation guidelines for this test.

Test process/How the test is done:  Four electrodes are placed on the patient, two on either side of the neck and two on either side of their waist.  The patient's blood pressure is taken and hemodynamics captured.

Post-test guidelines: Most patients can resume normal activity immediately following an EKG test.

Test location: Your ICG test can be performed at all our locations- Denton, Gainesville and Bowie Texas.

HOSPITAL PRIVILEGES:   •  Denton Regional Medical Center   •  Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton
   •  Muenster Memorial Hospital   •  North Texas Medical Center

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