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In accordance to the HCNTX holistic and preventive philosophy, we will be providing our patients a wealth of information and practical resources to healthy eating and cooking. Our Wellness Program will be designed to offer nutrition information and heart healthy cooking classes not only to our patients but to our entire community of active adults and senior citizens interested in healthy eating and active lifestyles. Please check into our Calendar to sign up for our next Heart Healthy Cooking Class or a community seminar on Healthy Eating. 
Steps To Heart Healthy Eating
When it comes to heart healthy eating every step counts. Heart heathy eating is an active choice that you can exercise in every step of your cooking and eating.  As you move forward you will notice how your cravings and life style adjusts accordingly, and you will miss less and less of the "bad", and are more and more drawn to the "good". The secret of healthy eating is that in time it becomes easy. Start with the following HCNTX tips: 
  • Say less to deep frying, and more to baking in the oven
  • Say less to red meat, and more to chicken, turkey, tofu and fish
  • Say less to butter, and more to extra virgin olive oil
  • Say less to ice cream, and more to frozen yogurt
  • Say less to whole milk, and more to fat-free milk
  • Say less to cheddar, and more to cottage cheese
  • Say less to bleached flower, and more to whole wheat baking
  • Say less to cereal, and more to oatmeal  
  • Say less to french fries, and more to sweet potatoes, broccoli, and fresh vegetables
  • Say less to white bread and pasta, and more to full wheat bread and pasta
  • Say less to sodas and sugar drinks, and more to water and fresh fruit juices
  • Say less to snacking, and more to regular meals
  • Say less to fast food, and more to home cooking and organic ingredients 
  • Say less to eating in the car, and more to eating at the dinner table
  • Say less to impulsive grocery shopping, and more to shopping lists
  • Say less to large portion sizes, and more to enjoying smaller portions slowly 
  • Say less to large deserts, and more to fresh berries and fruit as a desert
  • Say less to coffee, and more to caffeine-free herbal teas
  • Say less to drastic diet programs, and more to healthy eating as a part of your lifestyle
  • Say less to eating patterns that don't work anymore, and more for setting up a new example in your family
Healthy Dining
Healthy eating when dining out can be hard, especially if you cannot choose the restaurant. If you cannot find a healthy choice when dining out exercise your rights as a customer by asking the kitchen to customize their menu for you. For instance:
  • Ask for your food low in sodium and butter
  • Ask for your food without cheese and/or butter
  • Customize a salad according to your preferences by adding more vegetables
  • Order a double house salad as an entree
  • Choose a low-fat or fat-free salad dressing
  • Substitute meat with tofu or chicken
  • Substitute fried chicken with grilled skinless chicken
  • Substitute white rice with brown rice
  • Substitute french fries with broccoli
  • Substitute soda with water or orange juice
  • If you suspect the food may contain trans fat, don't be afraid to find out. 
HCNTX recommends the following healthier options from our local restaurants:
On The Border
• Grilled Vegetables Fajitas
Cheese Cake Factory
• French Country Salad (from the Appetizer Menu)
• Weight Management Asian Chicken Salad™
• Weight Management Spicy Chicken Salad™  
• Weight Management Pear and Endive Salad™  
 (confirm portion sizes for regular entrees)
Thai Ruby (in Flower Mound)
"Microbiotics" Meals:
• M1 Steamed broccoli, carrots, green beans & snow peas
• M2 Sautéed bean sprouts, carrots, snow peas & cashews
• M3 Sautéed mixed vegetables with tofu
Why Is Healthy Eating important? 
... essential for reducing mid-waist fat for a lower risk of heart disease
... essential for maintaining healthy blood-pressure levels for a lower risk of heart disease
... essential for equalizing blood-sugar levels for a reduced risk of diabetes
... essential for maintaing hormone balance
... essential for slowing aging process and reducing a risk of cancer
... essential for higher energy levels and better sleep
... essential for maintaining active lifestyles

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